Updated at March 22, 2022

Total – is the type of bet in sports betting. The bettor makes a prediction, the result specified by the punter may exceed or be less than the one offered by the betting company.

It is possible to gamble on the number of goals, free kicks, penalties, corners, etc.

Basically, players prefer to bet the total while watching the game in real time. This allows them to evaluate the state of the teams fairly and weigh their chances more accurately. A bet made before the start of the game is more risky.

This type of prediction has a lot of variability. In order that the player is not confused and quicker to orient himself, bookmakers use classification. The following categories are displayed in the most prominent place on the site:

  • standard;
  • medium;
  • basic.

To determine the other type of betting, a separate column “Additional Total” is displayed in the table. In this case, bookmakers designate types of bets, based on their own considerations.

It is difficult to make a correct prediction, so the player has to rely on the help of the bookmaker’s office. This allows you to localize your efforts by choosing one of the groups. The variants “total over” or “total under” are used, broken down by the results.

Totals’ values depend on the selected sport. Figures imply the number of goals scored during a single sports meeting, by both opponents.

Sometimes another type of betting is used – three-way, when the numerical index is denoted by a integer, without fractions. For example, both TO and TU have an index of 3.0.

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