Losing streak

Updated at March 22, 2022

Every player – both beginners and professionals – can experience a black streak. But if the latter understand that the outcome of a bet is always partly unpredictable, and down streaks happen to everyone, then novice bettors can completely lose confidence in their knowledge and intuition, and consequently, the desire to play further.

Sometimes the opposite happens – hoping to get even, players keep betting until they burn out, make analytical mistakes due to overwork, and place mindless bets.

During a losing streak, it is better to distract from betting for a while to dump the emotional load and restore self-control. A streak of bad luck ends at some point, and perhaps all you have to do is wait.

It’s possible that your strategy is really wrong, but again, continuing to bet is irrational. In a state of stress, you won’t find good solutions – you’ll only chop and change until you finally burn out. Take a rest – perhaps after that, you will be able to look at your system with new eyes, see what was effective and what was wrong, and develop a new, more successful strategy.

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Irina Sherbul

I am writing about betting since 2015. Put on dotat and table tennis