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Updated at March 22, 2022

Game point – a situation during a match when a decisive point is played. Most often, this term is used in tennis betting. In this sport, there are up to six game points in each set. This is a decisive moment for the athlete, only one ball separates him from victory.

Usually a game point is announced at 40:30. Just one successful draw can lead to a win in the current segment of the match. The term is also applied to serving players, on whom the ball will depend. If he does it well, he wins the game. In case of an error during the draw, the tennis player will have to take 2 points to win.

A one-point gap to win the entire match is called a “break point”. This position is announced in the decisive game with equal chances. If the tennis player takes the game, he will win the whole match.

To understand what a break and game points are, it is necessary for those who bet in live. You can have time to catch a value – a situation when the bookmaker has not yet managed to change the quotes and gave a favorable odds on the favorite.

At the same time, betting strategies recommend betting on outsiders – players who do not allow the opponent to complete the game in this situation. Their distinguishing features:

  • ambitious athletes who are ready to fight until the very end of the match;
  • the match is fundamental, and is not perceived by tennis players as a warm-up before a major tournament;
  • the player has no injury and is in good physical shape.

Do not bet on tennis players who are exhausted by the high density of matches, especially if the match takes place on clay. Athletes will not be able to conduct a power struggle on the site.

The basis for bets is the statistics of tennis players and mathematical calculation. It is best to use bank management in order to correctly determine the size of the bet and not go into the red at a distance. Still, bets on underdogs with game points are risky, they can quickly turn you into a plus or, on the contrary, lead to a drain on the bank if the matches are picked incorrectly.

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