Bonus hunting

Updated at March 22, 2022

Bonus hunting is hunting for bonuses that a bookmaker gives out to new customers. Players who do this are called bonus hunters. They try to get a raise to their bank at the expense of bookmakers. To do this, they have to register with different companies, reduce the risk of rates.

Most often, bonus hunters use the Fork strategy, placing bets on opposite outcomes in two offices. So they get a guaranteed win.

Bookmakers oppose bonus hunting as it reduces their profits. For this they use:

  • strict criteria for wagering bonuses;
  • setting the minimum odds for bets on the amount of the promotion;
  • IP and location tracking of players to avoid multi-accounting.

Another disadvantage of bonus hunting is that the number of legal offices is limited, and those operating without a license will not allow you to withdraw your winnings or make good money on rewards.

Any company will react negatively if it suspects a bonus hunter in its client. The rules of most bookmakers provide for the following actions:

  • withdrawal of the promotional offer without explanation;
  • additional verification of documents;
  • additional attention to account activity;
  • freezing or banning a player’s account.

At the same time, bonus hunting is one of the ways to get a significant additional income from sports betting. You just need to carefully choose companies and not violate their rules. Try not to risk in vain, watch your account so as not to go into the red.

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