Updated at March 22, 2022

Beech is an abbreviated, slang name for a bookmaker’s office used by cappers. Their speech differs from that which is familiar to most experts and forecasters, it contains a large number of unusual, slang expressions. This term can be found in various sources:

  • in advertisements of cappers;
  • on specialized forums;
  • in personal blogs and Telegram channels.

Beeches are called different offices:

  • legal;
  • operating without a license;
  • stationary;
  • owned by private individuals.

Often cappers promote a certain office and give a special link to it. So they develop an affiliate network, receiving a percentage of the bets of each accepted player. Such bookies do not always offer really favorable conditions for betting:

  • large bonuses;
  • low margin;
  • high odds;
  • many ways to withdraw funds;
  • fast transactions;
  • user-friendly interface.

Often, cappers can protect the interests of illegal immigrants, although it is risky and fraught with loss of money to bet in such offices. Therefore, before responding to an offer to bet on a certain beech, study the information about it. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of the betting shop and check for a license. If the company operates legally, then on its website or in a stationary point there will be all the documents confirming this.

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