Updated at March 22, 2022

BK is a bookmaker’s office, a place where players can bet on an event of interest to them. These are professional organizations that analyze sports matches, predict their outcomes, and accept real money bets. They need to obtain a license to work, but many prefer to provide services illegally. It is best to work with companies operating in the legal field.

The bookmaker can accept bets in several ways:

  • offline points of sale;
  • official site;
  • mobile app.

Online platforms have their advantages:

  • convenience of placing bets;
  • saving time for the game;
  • the ability to collect surebets, even in live, by contacting different offices;
  • quick comparison of quotes of different companies;
  • Possibility to play with several bookmakers at the same time.

Events are selected according to different parameters. Modern companies offer to bet on matches:

  • eSports;
  • low margin;
  • fundamental;
  • global importance and others.

Most bookmakers make money on the losses of visitors. In this case, regardless of whether the bet wins or not, the margin of the office is included in the coefficients.

The choice of a bookmaker should be taken responsibly, as some establishments underestimate the odds and put in them an increased margin. Based on the reviews, you need to look for a bookmaker with a low guaranteed percentage for services, since if you win, you will receive a larger amount.

Odds in bookmakers are formed based on the following factors:

  • the probability of the outcome of the event;
  • company’s net profit.

The odds are inversely proportional to the chance of winning. If the office has set the coefficient to 1.4, then the probability of entering the bet is higher. In this case, the better will receive the minimum amount for such a bet. Playing at high quotes is more risky, but you can quickly and make good money on them.

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