Champions League is set to get 15bn euros from a new TV deal

Updated: 09 March 2022

Details have emerged of a new UEFA deal to sell TV and marketing rights for the Champions League.

The tournament is set to make 15bn euros from the sale of TV and marketing rights for the 2024-2027 seasons – 5 billion per season. Compared to the previous deal, the amount has increased by 40 percent, reported The Times.

Nasser Al-Khelayfi PSG president and chairman of the European Association of Clubs played an important role in the negotiations. According to him, the deal could make a big difference for European clubs.

UEFA is confident that the new deal will temporarily stifle talk of abolishing the Champions League and creating a Super League.

Since 2024 the format of the Champions League will be changed. The tournament will feature 36 teams and the group stage will take place based on the Swiss system.

Photo: Official UEFA website

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Aleksandr Markov
Sports journalist, I am writing about hockey and football.